Pest Bird Control Methods
Professional Guide for making wise pigeon control and bird control investments in bird control devices, bird control supplies, bird control services, controlling pigeons pigeon control methods, and Vulture / Buzzard Control.  See Product Guide:

How to bird proof your building without ruining it.
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Bird Spikes


Bird Spikes

Bird S


Detracts large birds from landing and roosting on flat surfaces.


May be partially effective if no one has to look at it.

Colored metal spikes usually work for a while on isolated decorative lighting that is hanging by a chain or wall mounted as long as it is less than a square foot in area.


 -Ugly, Ugly, Ugly at a short distance and destroys aesthetics and architectural design

 -Detached becomes huge liability and safety hazard


 -Birds build nests on top, does not change behavior.

-Clear plastic turns ugly whitish yellow after 2 years in sunlight.

-Vultures/Buzzards destroy easily


 -Birds become ensnared and impaled on spikes in windy weather, which makes even the newer blunt end spikes inhumane.  The sharper spikes are completely inhumane.


 -Lowers property value due to poor aesthetics


 -Look and feel of a low rent solution

-Only good for small areas less than a square foot.


-Adhesives will not hold for long


-Should be mechanically fastened

Avian FlyAway’s



Air Insulated Open Wire Design

Great for controlling pigeons and other birds on window ledges, rooftops, columns, historical structures, architectural designs, awnings, parapets, signs, railings, beams, parking garages, and any structure with pest birds.


Visually appealing, virtually invisible.


Eliminates pest birds from nesting and roosting with a humane mild harmless shock.


Proven to last 25 years in full sun and much longer in the shade.

Best product on the market for pigeons, vultures, and buzzards.
100% satisfaction guaranteed


Best professional installation


Best product available with both vertical and horizontal shock resistance to pest birds


Efficient design with pos/neg electrical design eliminates arcing.

-Works Excellent for many years
with Vultures/Buzzards.

-Requires electricity


-Requires professional installation


-Expert knowledge of birds necessary by designer


-Permanently fastened with screws or spot-welds


-UV problems after 20 years


-Adhesive installs subject to environmental variables


-Arcing still possible in rare instances

Bird Shock Tracks -Plastic
Base or Acrylic





Barrier Strip™


Electric Barriers with common

Visually appealing. 


Low profile.


Good for signs, railings, covered ledges that remain out of the weather.


Deters birds from nesting and roosting with a humane mild harmless shock.


Acrylic Tape blends in to structure until mold starts

Good for DIY or handyperson installers.

-Requires electricity

-Color fades and plastic shrinks within weeks of install in full sun.
Vultures destroy within 4 years.

-UV Problems after 5 years on track, cleaning problems on tape and track immediately makes impractical in difficult access
areas where much of bird
control is installed


-Arcing and shorting problems very common and difficult to trouble shoot, and connections short out easily.


-Not UV/weather resistant for very long because mostly plastic based


-Monthly maintenance of the track is recommended by manufacturers


-Adhesives may hold for only months in some environments while nonetheless leaving a permanent stain


-Not permanently fastened very easily or at all

-KabaTape/Voltape/BirdShock tape must be cleaned or will arc for 2 reasons: aluminum wire on acrylic tape base becomes self insulating and contaminants collecting on flat surface between 2 ridged conductors quickly shorts it out

-Mold grows under clear tape

-Aluminum wire not compatible with most copper wires

-Aluminum wire becomes nonconductive on the outside

-Expected life on tape only 7 years
-Expected life on track only 7 years in part sun and 5 years or less in full sun.


-Threaded versions may come undone after a few years


-Lack of vertical resistance allows birds to easily hop over and makes much less effective than open wire design that is 1.25 inches high


-Costly installs by the foot


-Pushed by bug control companies with no knowledge of electric bird barrier design

-Not economical for long term use and should be accompanied by service contract

-Not usable in high salt or polluted areas will short out without regular cleaning



Bird Nets

Stainless Mesh

Wire Cloth

Stainless Steel Mesh lasts 50 yrs

Netting/mesh provides a good blocking barrier against some pest birds and workers too.


Good for large openings and airplane hangers and Exclusion.

-Not aesthetically pleasing up close

Mesh is absolutely ugly


-Very Costly in some applications


-Prevents worker access to area, seals off access


-UV destroys cheap nets quickly, UV problems after 10 years on the best nets.

Netting and mesh may not work at an angle.  Birds cling to angles.

Bird Control Wire

Bird Wire

Good for ledges and overhangs with strong vertical resistance.

-Requires multiple runs


-Not visually appealing


-Lightweight construction limits lifespan

-Snow and ice destroy easily


-Birds will go around it


-Birds will nest in it


-Adhesive installs may last only months


-Requires mechanical fasteners like screws to last


Bird Slide

Slanted barrier that prevents some birds from attempting to land, roost, or nest.

-Limited areas for installation and can be ugly when not painted to match structure.

Metal Long Legs

Detracts large birds from landing in small areas like streetlights.

-Very unsightly at a short distance, has the look and feel of a low rent prickly inhumane solution.


Goo applied to surface dissuades birds with a sticky mess.

-Temporary, leaves a gooey mess that attracts more mess and must be sanded off.

-Gel is like a glue board for smaller birds and may not be humane. 


-Gel will only last a few months because it goes from sticky goo to dirt glue, and then a new application is needed. Defaces structures and must be sanded off.


Partially effective for a few hours in a small area.

-Very costly, not cost effective


-DIY disaster and safety hazard because spray irritates sinus tissues in some customers and employees

Bird Control Devices
-Sounds Machines
-Visual Bird Scare

Effective for up to a few hours to a few days. 


Low cost, DIY for non-professionals.



-Mechanical or stationary devices work only a few days or hours.


-Visuals devices look and feel unprofessional, ugly, and sure way to drive away customers.


-Sound devices do not work after a few days or weeks


-Sound pollution with no effect.


-Laser products not effective on their own.

Bird Traps
Bird Trapping

 Works some, yet not humane in the sun, rain, heat, cold, etc.

-Never ending, perpetual cost, bug companies sell birds - sold to hunting and shooting clubs for sport and inhumane uses.

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